My first experience donating blood with Coffee Memorial Blood Center by Matthew Hite Amarillo, Texas

Matthew Hite Amarillo Texas with Coffee Memorial Bloodmobile
Matthew Hite of AAYC Donates blood for the first time ever at the Kars 4 Kids Car truck and bike show

WOW I’m an A+

I have a great experience on 6-6-2015 at the AAYC’s Kars4Kids Car Truck and Bike Show.  It was my VERY First time to donate BLOOD.  It feels GREAT to be able to give the gift of life to someone in need.The Mobile Blood Mobile helped 19 potential donors (11 of which actually gave blood)

The process was fairly easy and almost completely painless.  It starts off with getting your information into the comuter and then reading some safety information and answering a few questions about yourself.  Then they take your blood pressure and heart rate and check the iron in your blood.  After being cleared to give I was laid out (see photo) and stuck (LOL it wasn’t bad).  When I was through giving they gave me a drink and a snack and I was on my way with no ill side effects.   Afterward we also got a fun COW, a t-shirt and a coupon for a FREE gallon of milk.  I look forward to donating many, many times in the future.

The Coffee Memorial Bloodmobile staff was excellent.  They were very pleasant and professional even to those that could not donate fr one reason or another.   I

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Coffee Memorial Blood Center-donor card Matthew Hite Amarillo T
Coffee Memorial Blood Center-donor card Matthew Hite Amarillo T